About Me

My name´s Maria
I´m 16 years old
My birthday is on 15th September
I´m a Portuguese Little Black Star
I wanna be a Fashion Designer
I love Avril Lavigne since I was a kid, but I´m a Little Black Star since 2008
I love listening to music, draw, walk, be with my friends, talk with other LBS
I see the beauty in everyone, except in me. I´m very insecure about everything... I´m also a friendly person!
My favourite movie is Pirates of Caribbean (I love Johnny Depp, he is soooooo sexy!), Home Alone and Twilight
My favourite color is black, pink and blue
My favourite food is..... well, i don´t think i have a favourite food...  
Single or taken???? Bitch, I´m Forever Alone...
I love Pop-Rock and Pop-Punk
I don´t know what else to say, so... enjoy my blog! and comment if you want to. If you want to know me better, talk with me on my Ask.fm or Twitter. Kisses ♥

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